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We have already discussed about Marriage Yoga and Marriage Dosha which plays a role in Marriage of a person. Here we will discuss planetary combinations that cause Late Marriage, Love Marriage, Intercaste Marriage, Living apart, Divorce and Loss of spouse. We will also discuss about Loss of Child, all cases with examples.

Late Marriage : Shown below is the Horoscope of a person who got married at the age of 47 and divorced 5 years later. At the time of birth, the Dasha Balance was Sun Mahadasha 2+ Years. Rahu Dasha started at the age of 20 and ruled for 18 years (year 1982 - 1999).

Here, Rahu is posited in Ascendant itself and associated with Ascendant Lord Moon, 7th and 8th house Lord Saturn and Mars. 7th house afflicted by Saturn and Ketu conjunction. Ascendant Lord Moon is also weak because of conjunction with Ketu. The marriage did not take place during Rahu Dasa as the Rahu is the rival to Ascendant Lord Moon and the 7th house was completely affected.

Jupiter Dasha started in 2000. But, only in the year 2010, during Jupiter Dasha & Sun Bhukthi, this person got married as the initial Bhukthis were not friendly with Ascendant Lord Moon. But then, got divorced at the very start of Saturn Dasha in 2015.

Venus is Badhakathipathi for Cancer Ascendant and it is posited in Scorpio, 5th house (Puthrasthanam) without association of any other planets. As 5th house is afflicted by Venus and its Lord Mars is debilitated, this person was not blessed with offspring.

Chart of Late Marriage

Love Marriage - Shown below is the horoscope of a person whose marriage is a Love Marriage.

One of the key combination of Planets for Love marriage is association of Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Mars. In addition, if the Moon and the Venus are posited at 6 x 8, it indicates Love marriage. Also, if the 12th house Lord (Conjugal pleasure) and 2nd house Lord (Family) are associated either by aspect or conjunct or exchange, it is also an indication of Love marriage. If Rahu is also associated with the above combination, it will be intercaste marriage. It will be an inter-religious marriage, if Ketu is associated instead of Rahu.

Here, Jupiter is posited in Rishabam (house Lord Venus) and Venus is posited in Scorpio (house Lord Mars). Mars is posited in Pisces (house Lord Jupiter). Mars and Moon aspect mutually, Jupiter and Venus aspect mutually. Also, Jupiter aspects Moon. With the good association of Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Mars, the native marriage is Love marriage. The native married her Maternal uncle as the Jupiter (the planet responsible for marriage in Girl's horoscope) and Mercury (the significator of Maternal uncle) are associated. But, with the placement of Badhakathipathi cum Marakathipathi Mercury in 2nd house (Kalathra Dosha), they got divorced during Jupiter Dasha / Mercury Bhukthi (2017 - 2019). It should be noted that during this period, the Transit Saturn was transiting through Sagittarius sign where Saturn and the Sun, the arch rivals, are in conjunction.
Chart of Love Marriage

Intercaste Marriage - Shown below is the horoscope of a person who loved and married a person of different caste.

Here, Jupiter, Venus and Rahu are in conjunction in Libra. They aspect Moon which is posited Mar's house Aries. Mars and Moon have mutually exchanged their houses. Venus, Jupiter and Rahu, posited in Libra, gets the aspect of debiliated Mars. As Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Mars and Rahu are well associated, the marriage is love marriage and it is an intercaste marriage as the 7th house Lord Venus and Rahu are associated.

Chart of Intercaste Marriage

Kala Sarpa Dosha - In some cases, Kala Sarpa Dosha affects marriage based on the placement of Rahu with respect to Ascendant.

Shown below is the horoscope of a person who has Kala Sarpa Dosha in the chart. Her marriage is a love marriage

Here, all the planets are confined between Rahu and Ketu which forms Kala Sarpa Dosha. Also, Jupiter, Moon, Venus Mars are well associated. Saturn is posited and debilitated in the 2nd house, the house of family. Mars, the 2nd house Lord, is posited in Cancer and debilitated. So, both the 2nd house and its Lord are afflicted. Venus Dasha is ruling since Aug'11. This native has married a person who is 12 years elder and a divorcee.
Chart of Kala Sarpa Dosha

Living apart : Shown below is the horoscope of a person who is living apart from the Spouse but not divorced.

Here, Mars is posited in Ascendant which forms Manglik Dosha. Ketu in 2nd house forms Kalathra Dosha. Ketu is posited in Scorpio whose Lord is Mars. This otherwise means Mars is in Scorpio. Also, the Ascendant Lord Venus and Sun are in 8th house in conjunction with Rahu and Mercury. This person separated from spouse during Mars Dasha / Ketu Bhukthi around 2016. During this period, Transit Saturn was transiting through Scorpio aspecting Sun and Venus posited in Rishabam which triggered separation between the couple.

Chart of living separately

Loss of Spouse : Shown below is the horoscope of a person who lost spouse within two years of marriage.

Here, Mars is posited in 8th house (indicator of Spouse life span), in conjunction with Ascendant Lord Venus and Saturn. Mars in 8th house forms strong Manglik Dosha. Moreover, Jupiter, the 8th (Ashtamathipathi) and 11th house Lord, is posited in 2nd house (House of Family, Income and Speech). Functionally Malefic Jupiter aspects Mars and Venus & Saturn. This person got married during Jupiter Dasha and lost spouse during Jupiter Dasha itself. Jupiter's aspects on Mars caused the sudden death of Spouse.

Chart of loss of spouse

Loss of child - Shown below is the horoscope of a person who lost child within days of birth.

The 5th house Lord of the native, the Moon, is debilitated. Due to the placement of Rahu and aspect of 11 & 12th house Lord Saturn, the 5th house is also afflicated. His baby died within 3 days of birth. At that time (1994 - 1997) Mercury Dasha and Saturn Bhukthi was ruling. We know Mercury is the Badhakathipathi and Marakathipathi, and Saturn is the significator of Lifespan.

Chart of Loss of child

Test Yourself - Shown below is the horoscope of a person whose marriage is getting delayed. Not married until Dec'19.

Now that you know how to examine a horoscope, find out the reasons for delay in marriage and when this person will get married tentatively.

Clue - Look at the houses / lords significance for marriage and assess the strength. Dasha Balance at the time of Birth was Venus 10Y-8M-15D. Mars is posited in Revathi Star. Current Dasha is Mars from May 2015.

Chart of late marriage