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Malefic Planets

Will Malefic Planets such as Saturn and Mars pronounce positive result ever?

Yes, but under certain circumstances.

We know that Saturn and Mars are the natural Malefic planets and hence the aspect of Saturn and Mars will always pronounce bad results upon the native.

For instance, if Saturn aspects 10th house in a horoscope, then the native will keep shifting the job or may not have a job at all. And, if the 10th house happen to be Leo, then the native will not get Govt Job. Similarly, if Mars aspects 9th house, the native may lose ancestral property because Mars signifies property (Land) and 9th house signifies property inherited from ancestors.

However, Saturn and Mars can be Benefic and their aspect can do good to the native. We know that Saturn is a Dark planet and hence it pronounces bad result upon the native. If Saturn gets light, then it will become benefic. Similarly if the Red hot Mars cools off then it will do good.

Jupiter, Waxing Moon, Venus and Mercury are the natural benefic planets which have light. If these planets are associated with Saturn or Mars, then their natural malefic effects turn quite opposite to their nature.

Here, the size of Benefic planets and its distance from Malefic planets matters. Saturn is bigger than Moon, Mercury and Venus and farther as well. But, Jupiter is bigger than Saturn and closer to Saturn as well. So, Saturn's bad effect is much refined when it is associated with Jupiter. That is why Saturn becomes a benefic planet when it is associated with Jupiter rather than its friendly planets Venus or Mercury.

Basically, when a Dark or Hot planet gets some cool lights, they become Benefic. However, the benefic planets should be strong enough to cool off the Malefic planets. So, the strength of the Benefics and its association with the Malefic should be evaluated first while forecasting the effect of Saturn or Mars up on the native, especially during their Dasa or Bukthi period.

Saturn becomes Benefic when it is associated with Jupiter in the following order.

  1. Aspect of Jupiter on Saturn
  2. Saturn conjuncts Jupiter
  3. Saturn is posited in Signs ruled by Jupiter (Sagittarius or Pisces)
  4. Aspect of Venus on Saturn
  5. Aspect of Mercury on Saturn
  6. Moon and Saturn in Quadrant (Moon is anywhere between 4th to 10th house to Sun)
  7. Saturn conjuncts Venus
  8. Saturn conjuncts Mercury
  9. Saturn conjuncts Moon (Moon is anywhere between 4th to 10th house to Sun)
  10. Saturn is posited in a house that is ruled by Venus or Mercury

In all the above cases, the strength of the Benefic planets must be evaluated first. If the Benefic planet is debilitated (Ex - Jupiter in Capricorn) or posited in Inimical house (Ex - Venus in Leo) or in conjunct with Rahu or Ketu, or in combustion with Sun, then the malefic effect of Saturn will remain the same or will be worse.

For a person to get a government job, the strength of the zodiac sign Leo and its lord Sun are important. In the chart shown below, the 10th and 11th House Lord Saturn is posited in 8th house. Saturn's 7th house aspect falls on 2nd house and 10th house aspect falls on Leo. Despite Sun is debilitated and Saturn aspect falls on Leo, the Native was a Govt. employee and retired as a high ranking officer.
Shani as Shubar

Here, Saturn is conjunct with Mercury which transformed it into Benefic. Thus, Saturn being the 10th house (profession) Lord and aspects Leo, it helped the Native in getting Govt. job. As Jupiter's 5th house aspect falls on 10th house, the native had a good career growth and retired as an Officer.

He has a wonderful family, despite Saturn aspects 2nd house which represents Family. Reason is simple. Saturn got transformed it into benefic.

In this chart, Moon is Malefic because it is a Waning Moon and it is posited in Quadrant too. So, the Blemish of Quadrant Lordship gets activated and Moon will not be capable of pronouncing inauspicious result.

Also, Moon is posited Quadrant to Sun which means it is bright enough to transform malefic into a benefic. As Mars is posited Quadrant to Moon, it becomes Benefic. Hence, Mars's aspect that falls on 10th house, Ascendant and 2nd house will be benefic only.

When Mars 7th aspect falls on Ascendant in a horoscope, the person will be generally Energetic and emotional type. But, this Native is a soft spoken and polite person reflecting the significances of Moon instead of Mars.

Also, his family life is so good despite Saturn and Mars aspect 2nd house.

Understanding and Assessing Moon's strength

Moon has two phases namely Waxing (New Moon to Full Moon) and Waning ( Full Moon to New Moon). Moon strength grows eventually from New Moon to Full Moon and loses its strength from Full Moon to New Moon. In other words, Moon is stronger when it is away from Sun, and weaker when it is closer to Sun, in either direction. When Moon is placed in any house from 4th to 10th house to Sun (4th, 5th... 9th, 10th), it is stronger.

On the day of New moon, Moon is as dark as Saturn and hence it will be as malefic as Saturn. So, Saturn and Mars will pronounce worst result if it is associated with Moon on such a day.

Whereas on the day of Full moon, Moon is bright and association of Saturn or Mars with Moon on such a day will pronounce best result, provided Rahu/Ketu are not in conjunct with Moon and Moon is not debilitated.

Also, if Moon is placed between 4th to 10th house from the Sun, and Moon is not afflicted by conjunction with Rahu/Ketu or by debilitation, then Saturn or Mars will produce positive result if they are in conjunct with or placed Quadrant to the Moon.