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Job and Business

There is an old saying in Tamil "Porul illaarkku ivvulagillai; Arul illaarkku avvulagillai" meaning "No world, without material this life and without grace the after life". This emphasize the importance of acquiring materials which comes through Job or business. So, predicting what a person will do for living becomes one of the key aspect of forecast.

The strength of the Planets and certain houses determine the nature of work a person will do such as Service or Business, Government or Private Company, Line of business, Foreign connection.

Planets :

  1. Saturn is the primary significator of Job. It helps to burn our Karma through our Job. If Saturn is stronger, then the person will be more in Service industry. If Saturn is afflicted in a horoscope, that person will work as a bonded labor
  2. Jupiter when associated with Saturn prospers a person with good income and career growth. A person with strong Jupiter will be in Counseling, Teaching, Financing profession, or involved in Religious activities, or in Justice department
  3. Mercury is also a key significator of Job and it signifies Mathematics and Communication. So, a person with strong Mercury will work in IT field, Auditing, Accounting, Banking, Writing, Media etc., Some will be good Orators. It is Mercury which makes one Astrologer
  4. Sun signifies Authority, Power, Position and Government. A person with prominent Sun in horoscope will be Top ranking officer, Politician, Government Employee etc.,
  5. Mars refers Courage and Valor. So, when Mars with good dignity is associated with Saturn in a horoscope, that person will work in Uniformed services like Army, Police, Ranger or a Sports person. Mars also signifies Land. Real estate, Civil Engineering, Construction field, Agriculture are related profession with strong Mars
  6. Moon signifies mind and motherly care. A person with strong moon will be good at Nursing, Caring for the elderly, Psychological / Psychiatrist work. Saturn and Moon association in horoscope, will make a person to serve downtrodden people
  7. Venus signifies Arts, Music, Handicraft, Entertainment, Luxury and Vehicles. A person with strong Venus will be in Cine-field, a Dancer, Run hotel, Jewels / Ornament shops, Entertainment activities such as Event Manager, Tour Operator etc.,

Houses :

  1. 10th house refers to House of Profession. So, primarily the strength of 10th house and its Lord a person determines the line of profession of a person
  2. 2nd house refers to income. Whether or not a person gets a decent wage can be determined by the strength of the 2nd house and its owner
  3. 5th house refers to Creativity. Stronger the 5th house and its lord and association with Venus or Ascendant will rise a person in Fine arts, Music, Cine field, Visual media etc.,
  4. 6th house refers to Service and Subordinates. Association of Saturn or 10th house Lord indicates a person will work in any Service industry
  5. 7th house indicates Business partner. If 7th house is stronger than 6th house in a horoscope, such person will do business
  6. 8th house indicates occult knowledge, secrecy. Association of 8th house or its Lord with 10th house or its Lord will provide career in Analytics, Secret Agent, Detective, Jobs associated with maintaining secret, Medical profession etc.,
  7. 9th house signifies Religious faith, Spirituality etc., Association of 9th house or its Lord with Jupiter, a person will work as Temple Priest, Religious leader etc.,
  8. 11th house signifies Foreign connection. If 11th house is strong and associated with other necessary houses and planets, one will work or do business in abroad

Combinations :

  1. If 10th house is afflicted by the aspect of Malefic Saturn, such a person will never get a Job or will keep changing the job frequently
  2. If Ketu is posited in 10th house, such a person will not be interested in Job at all as Ketu signifies detachment
  3. If Saturn is posited in 10th house, such a person will get a very Good Job
  4. If Saturn and functionally Benefic Jupiter are in conjunction in 10th house, such a person will have a very good Job and have fast track in career growth
  5. If Jupiter is Quadrant to Waxing Moon, which forms Gaja Kesari Yogam, such a person will reach the peak in career
  6. Association of 9th and 10th house (aspect, conjunction or exchange) forms Dharma Karmathipathi Yoga. A person with such a Yoga will prosper through career. It is one of the Yogas which makes a person to be successful in Politics
  7. Mars in 10th house will have Directional strength and it will take a person to Top position in Profession. Exalted Mars will make a person celebrity

Now that we know the significances of Planets and Houses that play a major role in deciding Service or Business and the line of work, given below are certain specific combinations of Planets and Houses which give rise to profession such as Employee in Govt Sector, Private company, Business person, Doctor, Army person etc.,

Government Job : The planetary combinations necessary for Government Jobs are
  1. Sun, significator of Govt Job, Power and Position, and the Moon should be associated with 1st, 8th, 9th or 10th house. The dignity of Sun and Moon should be good
  2. Association of the Ascendant Lord or Lagnathipathi with Sun, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn
  3. Conjunction of 10th house Lord with Sun, Moon, Saturn and Jupiter
  4. Conjunction of Jupiter with Sun or Saturn in 1st, 5th, 6th, 10th or 11th, the person will work as officer in Governments job in the administrative field
  5. Saturn, associated with Benefic, aspecting Leo is the combination for getting Govt. job

Govt Job - Shown below is a horoscope of a person who is working in Government in the field of technology. Generally, a person with Capricorn Ascendant will not get Govt job because, Leo becomes the 8th house and Ascendant Lord Saturn and Leo Lord Sun are arch rival. But, in this case Sun is exalted and in conjunction with Moon and 10th house Lord Venus. Jupiter, posited in Leo, aspects its Lord Sun. Ascendant Lord Saturn aspects 10th house. Refer Condition 3.

Chart of government employee

Private Job - Shown below is a horoscope of a person who is working as a Director in a Multinational IT company. With the placement of Saturn and Jupiter in 10th house in Virgo and Mercury ruling in Gemini, this person had fast track career growth.

Chart of private employee

Business Person - Shown below is a horoscope of a person who runs own business. For business, 7th house should be stronger than 6th house. This person runs multiple business. Though undergone turmoil many times, mostly successful in every new venture. The 7th house, which is the most important for business, is strengthened by the aspect of 7th house Lord Jupiter itself. Also, Moon and Mars (benefic as associated with Moon) also aspect 7th house. Saturn, 8th and 9th house Lord, aspects Jupiter, the 7th and 10th house Lord. With strong 7th house & its Lord and Multiple planets in 11th house aspected by Jupiter, this person is doing business in a Large scale, profitably.

Chart of business person

Doctor : The planetary combinations necessary to become a Doctor by profession are

  1. Association of 5th or 10th house and their lords with 6th or 12th house or their lords
  2. Association of Sun or Moon with 6th, 8th or 12th house and afflicted by Malefics
  3. Association of Sun and Saturn with the aspect of Jupiter
  4. Association of Sun and Mars or Sun and Mars in Trine aspected by Jupiter

Doctor - Shown below is the horoscope of a Doctor. This horoscope satisfies multiple combinations mentioned above. Saturn itself is 5th & 6th house Lord and posited in Scorpio. Jupiter aspects Leo Sign and apsects Mercury, the Ascendant and 10th hosue Lord. Saturn too aspects Leop. Sun and Mars (8th house Lord) are in conjunction and the Moon and the Mars aspect each other. Sun and Moon both are afflicted by Ketu and Rahu.

Chart of doctor

Cine Field - For a person to be in Cine field, the 5th house which represents creativity and Venus which represents Arts, Fine Music etc., should be prominent. Placement of 5th house Lord in Ascendant or Venus in Pisces whose birth sign is Libra or association of 5th, 10th house Lord with Venus are few combinations for Cine field. Strong 11th house (public relation) or Moon in 6th or 11th house will make them popular.

Script Writer - Shown below is the horoscope of a person who is a script writer in Cine field. Here, 5th house Lord Jupiter and 10th house Lord Sun are associated with Mercury (ruling) which gives rise to profession related to Writing / Communication. Birth Sign is Libra. Venus and Moon in mutual exchange paves way to creative thinking and Cine field. As the Ascendant Lord and 6th house Lord Mars is in conjunct with Saturn and posited in 10th house, work is almost like bonded labour. With Saturn and Mars are posited in 10th house, every penny will have to be hard-earned.

Chart of Cinema Script write

Uniformed Services : For a person to be in uniformed services like Army, Police, Ranger etc., the association of Mars and Saturn and their strength are important. Mars signifies Courage and Valor and Saturn signifies Discipline. And we know, both are necessary for uniformed services. If Mars is benefic, the person will join Army and if it is Malefic the person will join Police. The other combinations for uniformed services are

  1. Mars and Saturn are associated with 10th house or its Lord
  2. Mars and Jupiter are associated by aspect or conjunction
  3. Strength of Sun is strong and associated with Jupiter
  4. Mars is associated with Ascendant Lord and 8th house (for Secret service)

Army Person - Shown below is the horoscope of a person who was in Army in Technical field (Communication Engineer). He is a Khargil war veteran. In this chart, Mars aspect Saturn, the 9 & 10th house Lord. Jupiter aspects Mars, so Mars is benefic. Jupiter and Sun aspects each other mutually (Govt Job and Officer level post). With strong Sun, he is getting Pension from Govt. Post retirement from Military Service, he is working in Private company as a Telecom Engineer.
Chart of Military Service person