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We know that there are 27 Stars starting from Ashwini to Revathi. Similar to Zodiacal Signs, it is important to know all the stars in order.

The table below shows the list of 27 stars in order.

Natchathram, Nakshathram

Zodiac Signs and Stars : Each star is divided into 4 Quarters, aka Pada. For instance Ashwini is divided into Ashwini 1st Quarter, Ashwini 2nd Qtr, Ashwini 3rd Qtr and Ashwini 4th Qtr. As there are 27 stars, the total quarters are 27 x 4 = 108 Quarters or 108 Padas.

This 108 Quarters or Padas pertain to 12 Planets which means 108/12 = 9 Quarters or Padas pertains to each Zodiac sign.

For instance, Aries rules all the 4 quarters of Ashwini, all the 4 quarters of Bharani and 1st quarter of Krithika.

Similarly Taurus rules 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters of Krithika, all the 4 quarters of Rohini and 1st and 2nd quarter of Mrigasirsha.

The Table below shows the Zodiac Signs and the Stars' Quarters pertaining (Padas) to each sign.

Rasi and Nakshathram

Birth Star : The Star through which the Moon transits when a person is born is called Birth Star (Janma Nakshatra). And whichever sign the quarter of the star belongs to, will be the birth sign (Jenma Rasi).

For example, if at the time of birth, Moon passes through Ashwini, the birth star will be Ashwini and the birth sign will be Aries. And, if the Moon passess through Krithika, then Birth Star will be Krithika. However, if the Moon transits through first quarter of Krithika, then the birth sign will be Aries. But, the Birth the sign will be Taurus, if Moon transits through the last three-quarters of Krithika.

If you know your Birth Star, then you can find out your Birth Sign using the table given above. At the temple, when you want to perform "Archana" on your name, the priest will ask your Name, Birth Star and Birth Sign. So, it is better to know them.