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Sanyasa Yoga and Ascetic life

Sanyasa yoga is a Brahmachari (celibate) or Tapasvi (ascetic) state of life where the native

  1. renounces the worldly material life and engages in spiritual life or
  2. continues family life but the mind is engaged in spirituality or
  3. even if married, remains aloof from worldly pleasures or
  4. does not marry and has no chance of enjoying worldly pleasures

Basically, under the influence of Sanyasa Yoga, at the beginning of appropriate Dasha / Bhukthi, one can become a sage or a spiritual leader or just seek spirituality or stay away from sexual pleasure or have no chance of sexual pleasure. It is not necessary that one must abstain from worldly comforts and pleasures to live an ascetic life but may forced to be so due to planetary positions.

Sanyasa yoga may start at any age, based on the planetary period (Dasha Bhukti). At that time, native may be married and have children or not married at all. It all depends on planetary positions.

Primary Factors of Sanyasa Yoga - The following Planets and houses are the primary factors of Sanyasa Yoga :

  1. Saturn, the significator of Karma (Karma Karaka) who burns our Karma
  2. Ascendant (Lagna) the significator of oneself
  3. Moon, the significator of mind
  4. Jupiter, the significator of Wisdom
  5. Ketu, the significator of Detachment and Salvation
  6. Mars, a malefic planet that can harm the native with its stressful aspect
  7. Venus, the significator of Love, Romance and Luxury
  8. 9th house which signifies religious instinct and social norms
  9. 10th house which signifies what one does for a living
  10. 12th house which signifies Bed pleasure

Planetary positions that leads to Ascetic life :

Given below are the planetary positions based on the summary of the 27th chapter of Paladipika.

  1. Lord of 10th house is associated with four planets posited in Kendra or Trikona
  2. Four or more planets are conjunct in a Sign (Rasi)
  3. Moon is posited in the 10th house of Saturn and aspected by Mars
  4. Moon and Sign Lord are are in conjunct and aspected only by Saturn
  5. Association of Saturn with Lagna Lord, Jupiter and Moon
  6. Placement of Saturn or Moon in 9th house without aspect of any planets
  7. Mokshakaraka Ketu is placed in 12th house and aspected by Saturn / Jupiter
  8. Mars is posited in 12th house without aspect of any planets
  9. Saturn and Lagna Lord aspect Cancer sign
  10. 5th and 9th house Lord associated with Jupiter and Venus

Now, let us analyze some horoscopes with one or more of the above mentioned planetary positions.

Sample 1 : Below is the horoscope of a famous spiritual leader with millions of followers.

Sanyasa Yoga - 1

In this horoscope,

  1. Lagna & Rasi Lord Mars has exchanged its house with 9th house Lord Jupiter
  2. Moon and debilitated Saturn are posited in conjunct
  3. Ketu (significator of detachment) is posited in 12th house (Sexual Pleasure)
  4. Mars, the Lagna & Rasi Lord, aspects Ketu
  5. Jupiter aspects 5th house

The horoscope shows many signs of the native becoming a spiritual leader.

  1. The parivarthanam (exchange of houses) between 1st and 9th house
  2. Jupiter (Gnanakaraka) aspects Lagna Lord Mars
  3. Saturn, the 10th house Lord, is posited in Lagnam itself in conjunction with Moon
  4. 12th house ( Sexual pleasure), is afflicted by the placement of Ketu and aspect of Mars

All houses related to marriage are clean in this horoscope except the 12th house (Moksha). As the benefic aspect of Jupiter falls in the 5th house (Puthrasthanathipathi), the native had two sons.

Native is blessed with Dharma Karmathipathi Yogam with 9th house Lord Jupiter and 10th house Lord Saturn are in conjunct in Lagna. Jupiter aspects Leo Sign (Simha Rasi). Native was a government employee initially. Native became a spiritual leader during Mars dasa.

On 14 April 1979, the native was anointed ( Acharya Abhishek ) and crowned as spiritual leader. At that time Mars Dasha Ketu Bhukthi was ruling which detached him from worldly pleasure and turned him towards spirituality.

Sample 2 : Below is the horoscope of an unmarried 41 year old.

Sanyasa Yoga - 2

The horoscope shows many signs of Sanyasa Yoga.

  1. Saturn itself is Lagna Lord and it is in conjunct with Moon
  2. Saturn and Moon are placed in 9th house without aspect of any planets
  3. Saturn and Moon are in conjunction and Saturn aspects Rasi Lord Venus
  4. Mars is posited in 12th house without aspect of any planets
  5. Saturn, which is Lagna Lord too, aspects Cancer sign

Although all houses related to marriage are clean in this horoscope, 12th house (Bed Pleasure) is severely afflicted by the placement of Mars. Even though the native tried to get married, the native did not get a chance till date due to affliction of 12th house.

Sample 3 : Below is the horoscope of a married person who abstains from sexual pleasure.

Sanyasa Yoga - 3

In this horoscope,

  1. 10th house Lord Mercury is posited in conjunct with Saturn and Sun and Jupiter is posited in Trikona
  2. Saturn is in conjunction with Lagna Lord Mercury and aspected by Jupiter
  3. Lagna Lord Mercury and Saturn aspects Cancer sign
  4. Moksha karaka Ketu is aspected by Jupiter. Ketu is posited 12th house to Moon
  5. 5th house Lord Saturn aspects 9th house Lord Venus. Venus and Saturn is aspected by Jupiter

The native got married in 2022. Jupiter Dasha began on Jul 2011 and ends in Jul 2027. With multiple signs of Sanyasa Yoga and Jupiter Dasha ruling, the native showed no interest to expand family after marriage. The couple had a rough time immediately after marriage and they separated temporarily.

Here, the 5th house Lord Saturn is posited in 5th house itself with Lagnathipathi Mercury and Sun. Jupiter, the significator of children (Puthra karaka) aspects 5th house. Obviously, the native should have children.

We know that for Virgo Lagna, Jupiter is Badhakathipathi and Marakathipathi and Jupiter aspect will be malefic aspect. Also, Sun is arch rival to Saturn. As the 5th house is afflicted by the placement of Sun and malefic aspect of Jupiter, the native will not have children.

Interestingly, the native's spouse's horoscope also shows many signs of Sanyasa Yoga. This means that the couple will never divorce, but will live an ascetic life.

Test yourself : Below is the horoscope of a person with many signs of Sanyasa Yoga.

Based on the planetary positions, try to find out whether the native was married or will marry or lead an ascetic life without marriage or after marriage.

The Dasha balance at the time of Birth was Ketu Dasha 3 years, 4 months and 6 days.

Test yourself - Sanyasa Yoga